TYME-18 Overview

TYME-18_MOA Image

What is TYME-18

TYME-18 is a cancer metabolism-based investigational therapy designed for the intra-tumoral delivery of the treatment and increase the permeability of cancer cells while delivering a therapy that will have a selective cytotoxic effect on the tumor. TYME-18 is distinct in composition from SM-88. However, like SM-88, it aims to enhance the susceptibility of a cancer to the highly acidic and toxic tumor microenvironment, while minimizing the impact to normal tissues.

In initial preclinical xenograft mouse studies, TYME-18 was able to completely resolve over 90 percent (11/12 mice) of established colorectal tumors within 12 days versus an average of over 600 percent growth in the control animals. Additionally, there was no detected necrosis of the normal tissue surrounding the tumor site or other identified toxicities in the animals treated with TYME-18. A subsequent study repeated the same efficacy results, with 11 of 12 TYME-18 treated mice showing complete resolution of targeted lesions. We plan to continue with the development of TYME-18 in solid tumors and to provide details of an IND-enabling program this calendar year.