Patient KG Testimonial:

SM-88 put my Stage 4 breast cancer into complete remission in six months. I remained in remission for as long as I continued treatment – nearly two years. I was able to live my life without harsh side-effects and ultimately return home to my children with my immune system intact. Words cannot express my gratitude.

Patient KH Testimonial:

My treatment with SM-88 had no side effects and although my cancer did not shrink, neither did it grow. It was very encouraging to see my fellow patients visibly improve and return to normal activities like walking and laughing. Many prolonged their life right before our very eyes.

Patient WS Testimonial:

When I found out my cancer had gone from stage three to stage four with bone metastatizes I traveled to NYC to get on the SM-88 clinical trial. When I arrived in NYC I was treated very well and constantly monitored for progression. While I was on SM-88 I felt great and the only side effects were that I was tan and looked as if I was on a Caribbean island and a little tired. During the time on the trial, my cancer did not progress and many places where there was cancer at first it totally disappeared. It was great. The only problem was that I had to live in NYC away from my family or I would have stayed on it. In comparison to the quality of life of friends with cancer, mine has been great! I am 7 and a half years out from my diagnosis. I don’t have the problems other I know have had from traditional chemotherapy. Also, I have lost many friends that had same cancer and did not have the advantage of being on the SM-88. I believe I am still here today because of my treatment with that medication. My cancer has progressed recently because I was not able to be on this treatment but I am so excited that I will be able to start again without having to leave my family. I think it will extend my life and maybe even totally reverse my disease! I am so excited I can not wait to get back on it!!