SM-88 is a first-in-class combination therapy in Phase II development for prostate cancer and we are preparing to initiate an additional Phase II clinical trial for pancreatic cancer.

SM-88 has shown complete and partial responses for over 13 different cancer types, including some of the most common and hard to treat cancer types, such as pancreatic, prostate, breast, lung, glioma, ovarian, Ewing’s sarcoma, sarcoma and colon cancer.

Patented formulations include the combination of SM-88’s dysfunctional tyrosine derivative with melanin, and is intended as a drug delivery pathway into cancer cells. Tyrosine is the core component of Tyme’s SM-88 therapy and melanin is believed to enhance the oxidative effect of SM-88, which could be further amplified by intracellular delivery. Future development projects could combine other drugs and therapies with tyrosine to achieve targeted delivery of additional therapeutics into the tumor and improve the overall effectiveness of SM-88.