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Tyme Inc.

Using a Unique Metabolic Approach to Treat Stage IV Metastatic Cancer.

Tyme Inc. is a clinical-stage biotechnology company developing novel cancer therapeutics, intended to be safe and effective across a broad range of tumor types. We are led by an experienced management team and advised by a distinguished board of directors. Tyme continues to build strong institutional collaborations that include Mt. Sinai, the Mayo Clinic and many others.

Our therapeutic intervention (SM-88) is designed to compromise cancer’s cellular defenses, exploiting its innate metabolic weaknesses, leading to cell death through oxidative stress and exposing cancer to the body’s natural immune system. SM-88’s profile is supported by over 5 years of clinical data in more than 100 metastatic subjects. Importantly, there have been no drug-related serious adverse effects.

Our lead clinical program, SM-88, an oral tyrosine-based therapy, is a first-in-class combination monotherapy that is currently in Phase II development for prostate cancer. Tyme is also preparing to initiate a Phase II clinical trial for pancreatic cancer in early 2018, and potentially other metastatic cancers later in 2018.

Tyme Inc. has multiple formulations for SM-88 including injectable, intranasal, and transdermal that are expected to be advanced into the clinical setting over time.

Tyme Inc. maintains a broad intellectual property portfolio of issues and pending patents covering our technologies and products well into the 2030’s

Participating Institutions

Mayo Clinic
Mount Sinai
Emory Healthcare
MD Anderson Cancer Center
Medical College of Wisconsin
The University of Kansas